digital transformation


An AI-powered platform that offers a full suite of features facilitating personalized coaching
through streamlined administration while optimizing club performance & driving organizational success.
Course Management

Quickly create and manage courses, handle players’ application and track payment status.

Venue Finder

Easily book suitable venues for practice sessions, tournaments, or matches.

AI Assistant

Get personalized guidance on footwork, spins, grips & more through interactive questions and detailed answers.

News Generation
Get, categorize and translate news updates from HKTTA and WTT. Keep all table tennis lovers up to date with the latest developments in the table tennis world.


AI-Driven Platform for Table Tennis

Roll Call

Effortlessly take attendance for accurate player tracking during training sessions.

Club Report

Generate club reports for valuable insights on player, coach, course, & club performance.

Coach Connect

Discover suitable coaches tailored to players' specific needs, such as price and skill levels.

Future-proof Your Advantage
Your success story starts now.
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